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PLCFA welcomes new members interested in preserving commercial fishing activity in Pt. Loma.


To qualify as a member, eligibility includes being qualified as either 1) a Commercial Fish Business or 2) a Commercial Fisher(man)(woman).

Membership Categories

Commercial Fish Business

Commercial Fish Business criteria:

  • Brick and Mortar operation, located from the tip of Shelter Island to the Navy base, that possesses a Commercial Fish Business License from the State of California


  • Actively engages in the buying and selling of commercial fish in Point Loma.

Commercial Fisher-man or woman

Commercial Fisher(man)(woman) criteria:

  • Have a berthing/slip or utilize the launch ramp from the tip of Shelter Island to the Navy Base.


  • Regularly and actively involved in selling fish to any of the Point Loma Commercial Fishing Businesses


If you meet the membership eligibility to join PLCFA, we invite you to fill out our membership form.

Memberships will be reviewed and approved weekly.

Once your membership is approved, you are welcome to attend upcoming PLCFA meetings.

If you do not meet PLCFA membership criteria, you are welcome to stay involved as a supporter and participate in invitational events!   Sign up for our email updates on our home page to stay engaged and follow us on social media.


Thanks for submitting!

Our Members

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John Conniff -- Juliet Leigh

Cameron Cribben -- Chelsea G

Johnny Foster -- The Chula, Chula Fisheries

JJ Garret -- Pikey

Scotty Hawkins -- Jody H

Brian Kiyohara -- Viola, Traola Margeaux

Eric Krebs -- Haywire

Randy Toussaint -- Tracy Lee, Traola Margeaux

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