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Learn more about San Diego's front door to commercial fishing right here in Pt. Loma.

Connecting San Diego's Commercial Fishing EcoSystem

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The world of commercial fishing in San Diego began in Pt. Loma’s harbor over 100 years ago and serves as the longest operating working waterfront dedicated to this industry. 


The Pt. Loma Commercial Fishing Alliance is a collaborative of working commercial fishermen and the ancillary businesses that stimulate the region’s blue economy. 

The Pt. Loma Commercial Fishing Alliance exists to ~

  • Preserve sustainable and environmentally friendly business practices in its original designation at Driscoll's Wharf

  • Sustain local jobs for generations of fishermen, processors, and wholesalers

  • Provide fresh seafood for local restaurants, hotels, markets, and individuals (Ocean-to-Table)

  • Maintain and continue to invest in a dedicated dock, processing operations and commercial sales opportunities for small business, commercial fishermen

  • Continue to reduce industry carbon footprint by providing lowest vehicle miles traveled (VMT) by being the only fish processing within 115 miles (fewer trucks on the road)


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